What is it to see? To see clearly and deeply, to see in a way that gives insight … I believe it has to do with attention and presence. There is something of myself in every image, I believe the viewer also can se something of him/herself.

An image can be like a mirror … and at the same time like a window. New impressions, new discoveries, sometimes the feeling of another world. All meetings between the image and the viewer are unique, you see something that only you can see.

Expose yourself to an image

What is it to expose yourself to an image? Maybe to lower your guard and just recieve all the impressions coming ... To see, feel and be touched! Meet all feeling and just let them be there for a while without analyzing.

As people we are living in several worlds, visible and invisible. Every now and then we find ourselves in the intersection between body and soul. The body is physical and biological, man is body and soul. I hope my images can act like bridges between these worlds.