To create is both a freedom and a passion, I gain new perspectives and I learn to see. Photos touches are evocative and give new ideas, communicate what cannot be expressed with words. My life and my soul are in my photos.

The Varanger peninsula’s peculiar landscape has meant a lot to my imagery. The coastline is windswept, lobed and broken; the landscape is mostly bare and unadorned. But still stunningly beautiful and outstanding, one of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen. When I see the broken rocky coast, I experience a recognition that I do not quite understand. Sometimes I wonder if that’s what my soul looks like.

Bo Davidsson

Examine and explore

I want to create images that reflect life in its whole, deeply human images. As humans, we need to interpret our life experiences to understand them and put them into context. You and I, interprets and put words to what we see, and when a word is pronounced, silence is broken. What happens when the sun rises, when something becomes visible? Darkness breaks.

Light is the basis of a photograph, the light makes the world visible. A picture has the ability to shed light on what cannot be expressed through words. For me, photography is a way to examine and explore. It is to ask questions and seek answers, to challenge the zeitgeist and ingrained thought patterns.

A photograph is a document written with light, a document that reflects some of the visible and the invisible world. My photos are a visual poetry with many possible interpretations. I think of an image as a mediator, a contact space or a meeting place where something can happen. A meeting, a conversation without words ... something you carry with you.

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