Painterly Photographs

Painterly Photographs

A photograph with a painterly feel without looking like a painting, what's that ... a painted photograph. Images with a sense of mystery, images you can experience ... with your whole body!

In my own personal process several exposures meet, interact and melts together ... and then ... something new and unpredictable take form ... a visual poetry with many possible interpretations.

The result is like a painting but is still a photograph. The image is different from what the viewer is used to see as a photograph. As a viewer you are not quite sure what you see ...

My vision is to create images that communicate something that is invisible to the eye or as Picasso once said "washes away the dust of everyday life". I'm not striving for perfection; I want to touch the viewer ... the images is loaded with sensitivity, emotion and life.

I want to create images that explore the soul, coax dreams and possibilities. I think of my images as containers for the viewer's experiences ... there is room for an abundance of thoughts and feelings ... Every image is a story ... The images are personal but becomes universal ... in the seeing there is participation and identification ... the image is now a story that the viewer becomes a part of.

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